Art. 1  Within the meaning of articles 60 ff of the CC a federation has been created under the name of International Federation of Fan'S-Sports Clubs, the seat of the federation is in Geneva, it replaces the European Federation of Fan'S-Sports Clubs.

Art. 2  The federation aims to uphold the principles of the Fair Play Charter on and around playgrounds and sports areas, to fight against violence and racism in sport.

Art. 3  It brings together all of the sports fan's clubs, which must regroup together under the national federations. These are divided into 5 regions (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania).



Art. 4  The federation distinguishes the following categories:

4.1  Active members (fan clubs).

4.2 Supporting members (individuals).

4.3 Honorary member.

Art. 5  Active members can become a member of the federation and will then be integrated into the national federations of their respective countries.

Art. 6  The sympathizing members are people who support the federation by their financial aid and by their contributions.

Art. 7  Honorary Members are appointed on the proposal of the committee during the assembly of delegates.

Art. 7.2  

Athletes who have obtained the title of World, European or Olympic Champion may also be appointed as Honorary Member.

Art. 8

Admission: It is the committee which decides on the membership requests for the fan's-clubs of teams; they must provide us with an official document of the club stating that they wear the colours and the name as well as the statutes which will be in agreement with the statutes of the federation. As for sports fan’s clubs, (same conditions as above).


Art. 9

Resignation: It is possible to resign at any time from the federation and this in writing. In the event of resignation during the financial year, the subscription remains fully due for the financial year.


Art. 10

Exclusion: Any active or sympathetic member who does not do his obligations toward the federation or who by his behaviour would prejudice the federation or sport in general will be excluded from the federation with the possibility of appeal within 30 days of receipt of the registered letter, the club or sportsman whose colours he wears will be notified.


Art. 11

Right of the members: All the members are held to preserve the interests of the federation and to conform to the statutes, organs regulations. They must pay an annual subscription.

Honorary members are exempt from this obligation but any donation will be welcome.



Funding: The resources of the federation are as follows:

12.1 Contributions from active members and sympathizers.

12.2 Sponsorship and partnership.

12.3 Donations, legacies.

13.4 Advertising revenues (website and facebook page).


Art. 13

Membership fees:

13.1 Juniors:                                    Frs 15 .--

13.2 Supporters:                              Frs 25 .--

13.3 Active members 1:                    Frs 100 .--

13.4 Active members 2:                    Frs 300 .--

13.4 Sports clubs:                            Frs 200 .--

13.5 National federations                  Frs 300 .--

13.6. International Federation           Frs 1000 .--


Art. 14

The fiscal year of the federation takes place according to the calendar year.

The organs of the federation are:

a) The general assembly or the delegates.

b) The director committee.

c) The enlarged committee.

d) Commissions.

Composition of the director committee:

Central President

Central Vice President

General Secretary

Central treasurer


Composition of the enlarged committee:

National officials

Commission officials




Fair play

Newsletter and official circular



Art. 15:

The general Assembly:

General assemblies are held every two years for the assembly of the federation.

General meetings for the committee are held each year.


It is the central president who nominates the members of the director committee, the members of the enlarged committee and who nominates the national officials.

Art. 16:

The extraordinary general assembly meets at the request of the director committee or when one fifth of the members have expressed the desire in writing. This request must be made within 45 days before the latter.

The ordinary general assembly is convened at least 60 days before the latter.

Delegate assemblies are convened according to the needs of the national federations.

The assemblies are convened by the central president or according to the case by national officials.

Art. 17:  Right to vote and election: All active members and sympathizers have the right to vote at meetings.

Art. 18:  See articles 15b

Art. 19: Tasks of committee members

The central president represents the federation outside, he directs the assemblies of the general committee, and he signs the important mails, messages of congratulations and various types.

The vice-president replaces the president in case of the latter's absence.

The secretary general takes care of the secretariat under the direction of the central president.

The central treasurer takes care of the finances of the federation.

Art.19.1: Banking and postal relations: All relations in these two areas must be made through at least two authorized persons.

Art. 19.2: Each member of the committee signs the letter from his department with a copy to the general secretariat but is responsible for the engagement by his signature.

Art 19.3: The assistant members will have functions which will be designated by the central president.

Art.20:  Dissolution of the federation: The latter can only be dissolved by a two-thirds majority decision by an extraordinary general meeting convened expressly for this purpose. The assembly which decides to dissolve the federation determines how the assets of the federation are to be used.

Art. 21: The official language of the federation is French, followed by German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


Statutes modified on January 31, 2014, these latter replace those of January 24, 2001 and come into force immediately.


The statutes should be modernized as soon as possible, those which are currently on the site date from 2004.